Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Race: Sparkwing

Age: Hatchling (a few weeks old) at death
Occupation: None

Mother: Iyress
Father: Kither
Sibling(s): Kierra
Spoiler Information
Alignment: Neutral
Status: Deceased

Physical AppearanceEdit

Reha is a fuschia color with pink markings, both iridescent and fading between darker and lighter shades of their color. Her markings are haphazard, looking like a bundle of mossy plantlife was draped over her back and traced. Her eye marking is similar, shaped like a slightly-less-curvy "j". Her eyes are purple, like her father's, and she has a frill down her back. She has six straight horns all together. She's rather small, even for her age, fitting easily into the palm of a large Longwing.


Reha was born to Kither and Iyress in secret, hidden from the Empire for fear of her life. She never knew other Dragons beyond her parents and often expressed loneliness for it. Her vocabulary is limited to only a few words at this point, such as "mom", "dad", "help", and "play".

Spoiler Information
Reha's life was cut painfully short. She didn't live to see her first year before the Empire discovered her and she died due to the poison of King Kaenan.


Always curious, Reha enjoys exploring every nook and cranny of her home cave, looking around for any little oddity she can find. She enjoys discovery and learning as much as one possibly really could. However, not very much can be said for her personality due to her age.

Comic AppearancesEdit

Reha is seen first/last- at the Royal Balcony scene in Chapter 1.

Spoiler Information
Reha unfortunately met her fate at the teeth of Kaenan due to her race, despite her age and kind disposition.